Sunday, April 5, 2009

What a Weekend.

Race Report for the Cherry Blossom Classic probably sometime tomorrow.

For now, results.

Overall General Classification for Cat 4 Women for Hammer Velo:

3rd: LK
4th: Mindy
10th: Alice.
7th: Sallyanne in Masters

Big props to:

-Mindy for rocking today's race after crashing in last night's crit and destroying a helmet and losing most of the skin on her left elbow and hip.

-Sallyanne for keeping her head up and fighting her way up through the standing despite ANOTHER FLAT TIRE. Someone get that woman some new tires already.

-Alice for surprising everyone (including her own stunned teammates) during stage one with a solo break and showing her potential to be a scary good crit racer.

LK's Stage results:

- 7th in stage one after Alice and I slowed down a chase pack to give Mindy a chance to win the race in the break.

-2nd in the TT.

-5th in the Crit (4th Cat 4).

-3rd in today's road race (2nd Cat 4). This was a climber's stage--and I am NOT a climber--so this finish is pretty remarkable and a testament to why you listen to Jeff Tedder when he tells you to do something.

Time for beer and enjoying what is left of this enormously beautiful day.

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