Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Post-Sublimity Breakdown

Ache. Its basically the best single word to describe the condition of the lower half of my body during the post-Sublimity 48 hours.

Thus comes the inevitable fourth chapter of "Lindsay Learns to Bike Race " (The first chapter being "Winter Training on Steel Bikes for the Slow and Semi-Homicidal", second "The Ultimate Pre-Race Playlist that Will Distract You from Vomiting in the Car on the Way to the Race," and third "I Have To Climb This Fucking Hill How Many More Times?").

This chapter is entitled "It Is Impossible to Sleep With Elevated Legs." My thighs ached so badly on Saturday night that the only comfortable position that I could attain in bed was on my back with my legs straight up the wall. Unfortunately, I couldn't actually SLEEP in that position. It was a weird night of dozing dreams of never-ending rollers, chased by men dancing with disco-ball codpieces (no more Flight of the Conchords before bed). I had issues with post-race ache during cross, but nothing like this.

So that is the first item on my list of things to figure out: Post race recovery and being able to sleep. I'm still feeling the sleep deficit today.

Other racing related items currently on my mind:

1) My hydration and nutrition strategy was less than stellar. I ran out of water, didn't have enough back up calories and was too nervous to fill my tank before the race started. This all equaled a big fat BONK on the last lap.

2) I like the SRAM shifting system...on the back end. Moving from the big ring to the little ring on the front was a huge pain in the ass. I must have said "fucking shift already" a dozen times during the race. I'm wondering if that is just a SRAM issue or whether some tinkering by a mechanic will fix that.

3) My lower back was the first thing to catastrophically fatigue at the end of the race. That area of my body is pretty strong from Jeff's class, so I'm wondering if its a form/technique issue.

That's about it for now. Time to get those workouts in and wrap my head around doing it all again this weekend.


NoPoGirl said...

Oh my God, at least it wasn't just me. I felt like I had the flu for TWO STRAIGHT DAYS. I hated my bike, I hated my legs...I pretty much hated everything except my husband who let me melt in to the couch and stay there while he cooked, cleaned and took care of the baby.

Lindsay said...

All. Around. Ridiculous.

Even my tempo ride today was a bit of a joke. THREE DAYS LATER. This had better be better the next time around...I can't spend all spring feeling like I got hit by a bus.

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