Thursday, December 4, 2008

Afternoon Update: I Am Hereby Revoking My Facebook Stalking Privileges

And now for a healthy dose of "Oh no, you didn't really do that." Whereby I respond, "Why yes I did" and sit at my desk laughing at myself uncontrollably. This is a good thing.

Facebook is a funny thing. For those of us addicted to it and the constant status updates, its a nice way of keeping track of how your friends (and i'm only dialed into people I actually know) are doing and how they spend their workdays. On Facebook, duh.

It also bascially allows you to stalk people, or, conversely, indirectly communicate with someone when you can't do so directly. So instead of telling your roommate directly that you're pissed off at him, you can tell him INdirectly by saying "Joe is...pissed at Pete for leaving his bong in the dishwasher." I've actually seen this one. No joke.

I was taking a break from the only productive thing that I've done today (my November timesheets) and was browsing status updates. So I'm browsing along, not minding my own business AT ALL, when I come to the immediate conclusion that his updates have something to do with him being pissed at me about all of this public blogging stuff. Because, as you all know, it is ALL ABOUT ME RIGHT NOW. God, people, figure it out.

In my infinite sleep and calorie-deprived wisdom, I toss of an e-mail basically confessing to the facebook stalking and with a statement that if this blog was becoming an issue, we could talk about it. Hit send.

Almost immediately, the sane third (ok, eighth) of my brain kicked in. "You, know, psycho, it probably has NOTHING to do with you." "Yes brain, you're probably right. Walk away from the computer."

This is one e-mail that he has my full blessing to ignore. Please, ignore.

So, I am very sorry and wholeheartedly confess that this is borderline crazy chick behavior. It won't happen agin.

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