Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Shoulder Update: On the Road Again. Sigh.

Just returned from the shoulder doctor. No muscle tear, but some serious tendinitis and fluid build-up that is probably a direct result of the fact that I continued to mountain bike after the injury.

The prescription: physical therapy and NO MOUNTAIN BIKING until the inflammation is gone and I'm pain free. Either that or I can probably kiss cross season good-bye. Fuck Fucking Fuckerton.

So I'm stuck on my road bike for at least the next few weeks. GRRRRRRRRRRR.


Kristin said...


That friggin BLOWS. I'll go mountain biking with you in the fall. you MUST be fixed in time for cross!

Lindsay said...

I'm taking you up on that late season MTB offer. And I will be fixed for cross if I have to cut my arm off and ride with a fake one.

sbt said...

well i am glad it's not torn. torn = surgery = DEFINITELY no cross season. but sorry you're off the 'fun' bike for the next little while. =(

Jeb said...

NO TEAR! That is the great news. who is the PT with?

(0v0) said...


I know it's going to be SO ANNOYING for now, but I'm relieved there is no tear.

It will mend perfectly as soon as the swelling recedes.