Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Short Track Week 3

This year I have adopted a not entirely successful modus operandi at short track-start great, then crash out of the top five. I'm so consistent with the strategy that its getting f-in ridiculous. This week was more of the same. Great start. Stack it at the gravel hill on the first lap (I have not made it successfully over this hill this year because someone always eats it in front of me). Chase back up to the front group. Stack it at some really easy place on the course, probably on a right hand turn. Chase. Stack it at some other really easy place on the course. Run out of energy to chase. Race Kristin W. in the last fifty meters for another rad mid-pack finish (this week I came out on top). Eleventh out of twenty for the second consecutive week-how's that for mediocre consistency? Clean gravel out of knees. Eat PB&J sandwich. Go to Lucky Lab for a beer.

This is what all of my knees and elbows look like this morning:

And the back of my calves look like someone laid into me with a bamboo cane. As does my entire right posterior region-and no, I'm not going to post a picture of that, so don't ask. Its really a good thing that I'm not dating anyone right now. "No-seriously, I'm really not into that kind of kink-I just can't turn right on my mountain bike." Yah, right, uh-huh. I'm starting to get impatient with cycling clothing manufacturers. I'm going to need that cycling bubble suit sooner rather than later.

And on a completely different topic, my favorite picture from the TNT after party. Beware the wrath of the Batman sunburn kung fu master:


sbt said...

i love your blog already. you're a much better writer than i am. your posts are actually entertaining to read!

Lindsay said...

Thanks-i'm glad someone finds me to be as entertaining as i find myself to be most of the time.