Monday, July 7, 2008

Rocking the McKenzie River Trail-That Is, Lava Rocking

Yesterday I rode most of the McKenzie River Trail with Megan. We started from Fish Lake Creek and rode to the Boulder Creek camp areas (a bit south of the "3507" box on the map above. We had planned on riding the whole thing, but then we got off course, then the upper section of the trail was pretty technical and made for slow going and then there was some even slower going when we decided to preserve our bodies and bikes by walking through most of the lava fields south of Tamalich Falls.

Here we are at the start (sorry about the poor cell phone picture quality):

Here I am at Koosah Falls, before Megan and I realized that we missed a bridge and were on the wrong side of the river:We got back on course at Carmen Reservoir and managed to get 4 hours of singletrack riding in before my Dad and I had to head back to Eugene for the final day of the Olympic Trials. I definitely need to go back soon for a second run...the trail was just starting to get fun (i.e., less technical and more climbing) when we had to pull off.

Excellent ride on an excellent/wonderful/fantastic/beautiful trail.

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