Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pac Crest Weekend Day 2

More brilliant single track. Today, after slogging through a morning short run to speed up the inevitable and painful adjustment to being at 4500 feet, I drove into Bend to ride a couple of hours on the Phil's Trails System northwest of Bend. I did one loop going out on Ben's Trail and coming back on Kent's Trail. Then I caught up with Megan Lord and we did a loop heading out on Kent's Trail and coming back on Phil's trail. It was a bit dusty and the rocks were a bit slick from pollen and dust, but the trails, although pretty easy, were great. I'm more comfortable being at speed on the descents and I'm learning how to catch air over the moguls.

I have the house to myself right now while the household (now twelve people strong) is up at Wickiup Reservoir testing the water for the weekend races. I fell asleep on the sunporch and everyone was gone when I woke up. Ahhhhhhh, blessed silence. The team will be arriving in full force tonight and all day tomorrow and my time will be spent nursing the various taper pains, weather-forecast related panic attacks and other associated neuroses of the team. I returned the rental bike this afternoon to remove the temptation to sneak out mid-afternoon and ride the Deschutes Trail again.

Time to be a coach. Beware.

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