Thursday, May 29, 2008


On Tuesday evening I was out for a short recovery run around my neighborhood when I tripped and hit the deck on the bike path in Willamette Park. I landed with my entire body weight on my left side, namely my left arm and hand. After brushing myself off and lugging my asphalt burned knees and palms back up Corbett, I started to notice that my left shoulder was bothering me.

As the evening wore on, the discomfort increased and I couldn't raise my arm laterally without a significant amount of pain. After two restless nights of sleep and a bit of panic (I am scheduled to start my race season in 9 days), the wonderful David McHenry at Therapeutic Associates did an evaluation this morning.

His conclusion is a strained supraspinatus muscle-- one of the rotator cuff muscles. Nothing torn and nothing that ice and rest won't alleviate. No swimming, cage fighting or chicken-dancing for a few days. So the Hagg Lake 4K swim is out for Sunday, but hopefully I will still be able to race at Granite Man.

I am now looking for a dry-fit bubble suit to run in.


Anonymous said...

rtant question is, "Did anybody see you fall?"

Lindsay said...

Of course. No one falls alone. At least 15 early-20ish men playing soccer. I think they wanted to clap.