Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here is How You Can Help

I've gotten a lot of inquires from friends and family about how they can help me in the next few months. After a frustrating and exhausting trip to the grocery store this morning I am going to wave the white flag and admit that I'm not really helping myself by conducting everyday activities like I used to.

Having swallowed my pride, I have compiled the following list. I present, in no particular order, "Things You Can Do to Help."

1. So ignore what I said about this list having no particular order. This first request is the most important. Stop what you're doing right now and go perform a breast self-exam (or if you're a dude, go buy a bottle of red wine and perform one on your partner...its a win-win situation). If you're not sure how to do a self-exam, go here.

2. Don't be afraid of bothering me. Contacting lets me know that you care, and that helps more than you realize. If I don't feel like talking on the phone, I won't answer it. If I'm too tired to respond to emails, give me a few days to perk up and I'll get back to you.

3. If you know my family, my roommate and best friend Christy or my boyfriend Ricardo, check in on them and see what they need. Not for my well being, but for theirs Dealing with me on a daily basis will not be easy, because it wasn't an easy task when I was healthy. It may be as simple as a bag of coffee beans or as gracious as giving them a night off from babysitting the sullen cancer patient that insists on watching Top Model re-runs and won't give up the remote control.

4. Food. If you know me, you know I'm not the most proficient person in the kitchen. And I am very aware of how important what I put into my body will be to my ability to recover from treatment and get back into a regular (albeit radically modified) exercise program. If you have something yummy and healthy that you would like to share, let Christy know. She has volunteered to coordinate food related help, as she directly benefits from the goodies that end up in our fridge.

5. Magazines, movies and music. I am spending a lot of time waiting in medical offices waiting around and vegetating on my couch trying not to wreck narcotic-induced havoc on my living environment. I have a short reading attention span when doped up and have watched every DVD in my collection (and am plowing through both Christy and I's Netflix accounts at a rapid rate). And daytime TV sucks. There is only so much Law & Order even I am capable of watching.

6. This is one I'm having a hard time asking for. I have great insurance, but it doesn't cover alternative treatments. To keep it short: I'm willing to barter future legal services in exchange for some discounted massage work (or european cycling magazines...an essential.component of my treatment plan).

7. Ask me what I need, and make me answer it truthfully. I'm a horrible liar, it'll be easy to tell.

Hugs and Kisses to all of you and thanks for everything that you've already given me.


B said...


Email me and tell me your preferred massage therapist or massage location. I will call and prepay for a visit for you.

Cancer is rotten, and any way I can be of service to someone, it would be my pleasure.

Kind Regards,

B said...

Oh yeah, email address is:

Kronda said...


I got your message from Heidi Swift. My friend Brenda suggests ITM (Institute for Traditional Medicine) and their IEP (Immune Enhancement Program)? They offer a tremendous program of Naturopathy/Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture for a very low cost. She said I could pass on her number if you'd like to find out more about it from her. You can email me [ephany] at [gmail] to get her number if you'd like to have her number.

Cancer sucks. Keep up the ass kicking.

Tori said...

Lovely lady,

As far as books go, how do you feel about mature (meaning not Marvel and not sexy time) comics? They've got pictures and I've got tons. Good for nodding off to as the pictures help with finding your place later. Also good for if you just want to stare at artwork.

Some funny. All good stories. Some antics of a little zombie girl who doesn't know she's deceased.

I also have volumes of the Hernandez brothers famous "Love and Rockets" series, which you and your man can enjoy since half of it takes place in Mexico. Si Si!

You got my number/email. I can bring it by anytime.
It won't turn you into a geek, I promise.

mikey said...

I can offer my armpit shaving skills.
Don't judge.

(0v0) said...

Damn. I want to see you so bad. In lieu of that for now, can I skype your cell from here in southern India? Send your number if so.

sbt said...

Food! I can help with food! How do i contact Christy?

Sweetpea said...

I do not "really" know you but you sound like a fiesty girl and I know I would like you if I did know you:) What I want to say to you is this: give those cancer cells hell girl, they can't ride a bike, you can so what do they know! If you are a bike racer then you have it in you to fight to win...so kick their F-ing ass girlfriend! Ok so, even though I said I don;t know you, I know you can do this!
Terry B.