Thursday, January 28, 2010


I haven't blogged in awhile, mostly because I'm spending that time wrapped up in other people's blogs. Reading 2009 recaps, lists of 2010 goals, dieting tips, training revelations.

[The sound of my head finally popping at about 10AM yesterday.]

Enough already.

Personally, I don't have much to say about 2009 than that which has already been said. But it can be summarized like this:

2009. Raced fast. Burned out hard.

It was a good year, no doubt about that. I won OBRA's Category 4 Women's Best All-Around Rider Award. Which is pretty cool, considering that I only raced as a Cat 4 until April and none of my Cyclocross results counted toward that point total. I received a beautiful glass plaque and considered the occasion momentous enough that I wore a dress and nylons to the awards banquet.
I read a few good cycling books during my post-Nationals time off and all of them had one piece of advice in common: Set goals.

At first, I really struggled with the goal setting process because I was primarily focused on cycling. And focusing primarily on cycling was exceptionally boring. And unsatisfying.

So I came up with a theme for 2010: Balance. I need to bring balance to my life. (Duh, you say.)

Last year I pretty much had racing on the brain 24/7. That intensive focus was good for me at the time because it allowed me to re-direct a lot of the anger and anxiety from my personal life toward the training and racing.

This year there are other items that need some serious TLC. First and foremost, my work life. And, on the other side of the same coin, my soul. The two really aren't aligning at all. I am STUCK.

And then there is this new relationship. I am dating this wonderful man that deserves a content and dynamic partner, not one being held back by insecurities and indecision.

My goals list would be incomplete if it didn't touch on all of these areas.

Without further ado, "Goals."

1. Develop, and stick to, a training plan that in corporates a lot of recovery. If I swung too far on the over-training side last year, I'm going to swing in the other direction this year. Race less, take weekends off to travel and sleep. See what happens. I figure that it'll be a few seasons before I develop a yearly routine that works for me.

2. Stretch as much as possible.

3. More water, less coffee. (So far, EPIC FAIL).

4. More reading and writing, less TV.

5. Improve food competency. And accept that this doesn't mean becoming a gourmet. To that end, R and I are taking a cooking class next month and he's agreed to let me do some garden experimentation in his back yard (where it won't be visible to the neighbors).

6. Write two blog entries per week. One here and one on a new site that will discuss the other things that I am passionate about, but never make their way to race reports.

7. Produce webisode with FT. We've already drafted two scripts , and she has the connections to get them produced. Even if no one else thinks we are hilarious, at least we do.

8. Network.

9. Find a writing mentor.

10. Take chances. Being risk adverse is paralyzing me, both professionally and creatively. Its eating away at my self-image and its got to stop.

11. Redefine what it means, for me, to be a lawyer.

So that's about it. I can't decide whether its too much or not enough. Too specific or too vague.

[Head popping again.]

Or maybe I should just quit waste time judging the list and get on with doing it.

Over and Out.


Kristin said...

Heh sounds like my list... BALANCE! So hard... if you ever need a writing buddy (for sitting in cafes making you write, or someone to edit/critique work) you know where to find me.

Can't wait for the web-show! :D

(0v0) said...


p.s. Stretching, you say?

p.p.s. You texted me! I'm so sorry I didn't text back... I was packing and getting on a plane... to India. I seem to have the "follow your bliss" thing figured out, but am looking pathetic on the "save for retirement" line item.

(0v0) said...

p.p.s. I am on Skype, chat or phone.

Heidi Swift - Grit and Glimmer said...

She lives!
You will kick ass at everything you do. You already kick ass at writing (you should do it more) and bike racing (you should do it less) and being hilarious (more) and drinking bourbon (more) and wrangling the law (less). Now that you are focused on focusing, you will surely kick ass at whatever it is you decide to focus on. :)

Can't wait to roll out in March. Feels like a Friday afternoon Tour de Bourbon to me.