Thursday, June 4, 2009

TTT State Championships

Its hard for me to write a race report for a Team Time Trial because nothing about the event lends itself to entertaining or snarky self-reflection. You warm up for an hour, race in a paceline for an hour, then cool down.

HV showed up with two full teams , eight ladies strong for some suffering in the sun:
Because my team consisted of two Cat 3's (LK and Sam) and two Cat 4's (Anna and Jen), we had to race in the Senior Women's division instead of a Category Division.

Angela, Alice, Mindy and Sallyanne rode as a Cat 4 team.

The course was four laps of a 7 mile circuit. Headwind on the frontside, tailwind for the second half of the race. Jen had consistently strong and steady pulls and Anna just got stronger as the race went the last lap her pulls were at upwards of 27-28 MPH. She's really feeling it right now.

We covered 27 miles in one hour, nine minutes and ten seconds. Ended up third in the senior division and posting the fifth best time overall.
We are all pretty pleased with that result, considering we practiced for, at best, an hour the day before and two of our riders were without all of the necessary TT dork equipment.

Our Cat 4 team had an off day, getting off course at a poorly marshalled corner on the first lap. To their credit, they stuck it out once back on course and finished the race.

Tomorrow, I'll be back on the TT bike for the first stage of the Women's 3/4 race at the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic. Not a typical TT...eighteen miles, big climb five miles in and steady rollers throughout. My kind of course and I'm excited to see what sort of time I can post.

And, oh yeah, its my birthday's to being faster and stronger at 32.

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K said...

Congrats on the podium finish and celebrating another year!