Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Short Track, Round Two.

Good races often make for boring race reports. I really have nothing interesting to say about last night, other than the fact that I managed to make it through the evening without damaging myself or any of my equipment.

Course was a perfect one for me this week. The starting loop was almost a mile, flat and non-technical on the grass. Plenty of space and time to open up a gap before the technical riding started. I hammered from the opening whistle, had a 10 second lead by the time we hit the race loop, built it to 15-20 seconds by the end of the second lap and kept it there for the rest of the race. Stayed upright and cleared the log each time without putting a foot down.

My only disappointment was that they split up the Cat 2 women by age groups at the start. There are a couple of 35+ racers that I want to race with, instead of having them start 15 seconds back and have to work their way through the U35 field.

Then had beer and nachos with Marc and FT. Talked about river otters. Went home and cleaned up cat barf. Living the dream.


sbt said...

they didn't split us! the 35+ women went out with us. the 45+ women had a gap behind us.

Lindsay said...

Ohhhhhhhhh. I was confused. As usual. Someone needs to start paying attention at the starting line.