Monday, June 15, 2009

Cross Bike for Sale (Update: Sold!)

After riding a cross bike that actually fits me last weekend, I've decided to upgrade. So the my Kona Jake the Snake has got to go to make room. It would be the perfect bike for someone looking to start cross this year...nothing high end or flashy about it, but a great starter bike.Details:

-Frame: 2008 Jake the Snake, Aluminum, 49" (53.2 top tube-to give you an idea of the fit, I stand about 5'6 and the bike is a tad to small for me). Frame color is Forest Green with black and gold highlights
-Carbon Fork

If you want just frame/fork, $275.

If you want the whole set up: $475, which will include:

-a barely used Ritchey clincher wheel set
-two new 34" mud tires (Bontrager front, Maxxis rear)
-selle italia saddle
-1x10 setup (40 on the front, 11/27 on the back)
-front and hood mounted brakes
-tiagra back derailleur, one season of wear.

Doesn't include pedals and would recommend new brakes/brake cabling.

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