Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday Night PIR, Weeks 2 and 3

Not that motivated to write much about PIR right now. We do circles around a motor track. Twelve of them. Sometimes we race clockwise, sometimes not. There is almost always a headwind. Its a good place to practice team tactics and sprinting. I let Burns boss me around and it usually works exactly like she wants it to.

So far, PIR has been good to me from a results standpoint-I've won the last two final field sprints and two of the four hot spot laps. (If you are really interested in reading about that, click here). But its also been giving our team an opportunity to work together in a more controlled environment.

There wasn't supposed to a field sprint last night. Sam, Burns and I took turns attacking repeatedly in the first six laps and finally an attack by Sam, Anna and Sarah T. from Sorella stuck. The rest of us then took our turns with pace setting and bringing back chase groups. I mostly just hung around in the pack and shot the shit with Beth. And tried not to farmer blow allergy snot all over everyone.

However, our gals mistook a hot spot bell for the bell lap and finished the race two laps early. That brought the field back together and let Burns and I set up for the sprint. She keeps letting me win, which makes me think she's storing up a big favor. Like making me wear a pirate costume for her when she loses a bet with FT.

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