Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Table Rock Road Race. Race Report. About as Exciting as the First 15 miles of that Race.

Because I'm in an allergy-induced uninspired state and a big fan of bullet pointed lists, here is my Table Rock race report in an uninspired bulleted format.
  • Mile 0. Christy tries to announce at staging that she is so hungry that she could eat a human baby, but gets the giggles instead and fails miserably at her appointed task of pre-race intimidation.
  • Mile1: Neutral.
  • Mile 2: We go out of neutral and the pace up front doesn't change. In fact, we may have slowed down. Hm. So it was going to be one of those races.
  • Miles 3-10. Nothing. We go up. Then we go down. Then upish and downish. There's a dead skunk in the road. My heart rate is at about 50% and I'm sort of bored.
  • Mile 10. Go up the finishing hill...a 15% grade. Think to self that uphill finishes are funny to no one except race organizers. Say hi to parents.
  • Mile 11-14. Descend, fast. Field splits in half, which is what I seriously want to do to the face of the junior racer that keeps shooting in front of me and braking.
  • Mile 15-22. More nothing. Mackenzie Madison drags us all through the wind on the flat half of the course. There is a deer in the road. Anna and I sit in at third and fifth wheel and I wonder how much it would cost to have someone clean my condo next weekend.
  • Mile 23. Climb starts. I'm done being bored and attack.
  • Mile 24. Realize that I've build a nice gap, but no one has come with me. Continue to hammer while wondering whether or not to continue hammering.
  • Mile 25. Decide to peddle like hell and hope that (1) Things stay disorganized so I can stay away or (2) They organize quickly and I get caught with enough time to recover for the finish.
  • Mile 25-28. Off the front. Accidentally hit dead skunk on descent. Suffer immensely.
  • Mile 28. Get caught. Suck some wheel, relieved that only 3 ladies managed to bridge the gap...less people to kick my ass up to the finish.
  • Mile 29-30. Play "who's going to crack first up this hill." Lose. (or win-depends on how you look at it). Steep uphill sprints are not in my skill set right now. Finish third.
  • Epilouge: slam a Coke and two bottles of water after audible breathing subsides. Wait for teammates to finish with an obnoxious sugar headache. Ride nine miles back to staging in the beautiful sunshine. Get lost twice. Don't really care.
My parents made the trip over from KFalls for the race and had a huge lunchtime spread laid out when we got back. My parents are awesome.

Would highly recommend adding this race to your calendar for next year. The course is fun and gorgeous and the event was well-organized. And HV won a case of beer. I talked to the race director briefly and he may turn event into an omnium next year. Springtime in Southern Oregon, a stopover at the Shakespeare festival and two days of bike racing...count me in.

The more significant part of this racing road trip was the road trip itself, but I'm still mulling that over in my head and will write more about it later this week. Suffice to say, if you are going to drive 8 hours for a 90 minute race, doing it with my FT Christy and DJ Mixed Tape Burns is definitely the way to roll.


tiffany said...

You are hilarious! This is the first blog I've ever really read, let a lone become rather addicted to... Well, perhaps I might say that reading your blog has become a habitual sort of thing for me, rather than a new addiction. Less creepy that way? A friend mentioned your site... Its going to be funny for me to meet you, eventually, and end up having to make that snap decision of weather or not to pretend I'm unaware that you are the author of the only blog that I check in with most days;) Way to kick ass, Lady. See you on the track.

Lindsay said...

You MUST introduce yourself. I'll usually buy a beer for anyone that finds me even remotely entertaining!

tiffany said...
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tiffany said...

Oooooh... Like blind date style? Or more like I oblige myself to introduce umm.. myself to you when next we are in the same general area?? :)