Friday, March 13, 2009

Today is One Bright Shiny Object After Another

Not sure whether I've got adult-onset ADD, acute boredom or a great-week-with-even-better-weekend-coming-up hangover, but I've been bouncing off of the walls since yesterday afternoon.

All three of my hard workouts went well (despite some cramping issues Wednesday night carrying over to Thursday afternoon), especially the climbing workout yesterday afternoon. Rode in the cemetery with Christy and felt light and strong despite the fact that I was climbing on the Woolly Mammoth into a headwind for most of the workout.

Caught up with a lot of current friends this week, and reestablished some connections with some old friends. I've finally made my way out of my winter "Cave of Doom" and now have all of this extra energy to expend working on my relationships. Its taking a cold shower with all of the positive energy from the wonderful people in my life.

This weekend: Riding, HV Happy Hour, More Riding, Racing. Perhaps some Saturday early evening socializing...emphasis on "early." No bourbon-ing my way out of racing on Sunday. Because I'm feeling good about Sunday's race. Really good.

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