Saturday, March 28, 2009

Independence Valley Road Race: The Five Minute Race Report

-It cost me $1 for every mile I raced today. But I got $5 of it back for returning the race number.

-We had a six mile neutral to start the race. I don't understand why, but it was really super cool to yell "slowing" for twenty minutes.

-It rained, then it snowed. And kept snowing.

-We got to the top of the second hill on the first lap and there were only seven of us left. So that was the break.

-There was some yelling, and then we organized and pacelined until the 1K mark.

-I got out-maneuvered to start the sprint and then my hands were too numb to shift gears.

-So I finished fifth. All of the races paid 5 deep except mine. Lame, lame, lamerton.

-Then we had to ride four miles back to the staging area and I lost feeling in both hands.

-The ladies in the break were really cool. It made the race as enjoyable as the weather allowed.

-I didn't quit shivering for 45 minutes and almost peed my pants as a result.

-I met Martha Walsh. She pretty much kicks ass.

-So does Burgerville.

The End

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Shine On said...

Martha is a good woman!