Wednesday, February 4, 2009

24 hours until Vacation

Haven't posted much lately because my schedule went nuts last week with Team in Training starting (welcome to 5 months of 3 mornings a week of 5am alarms), training, riding and figuring out some things here on the job front. I'm especially excited about the last item (the job item) because I've worked out a new arrangement at the firm that will give me the time and flexibility to try this writer dream on for size, to see how it fits.

Here were the highlights of the week:

-I LOVE the new ink and will probably have it extended further down my back sometime later this spring.

-I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new bike. After having it fit by Russell Cree (Upper Echelon Fitness) on Friday morning, I took it out for 60 on Saturday morning. It was lovely. I didn't notice the bike at all, which is a testament to the fit, and the bike definitely responded to me. Minimal effort, maximum response. And I am, so far, a big fan of the SRAM shifting system. The bike was a total mess after 4 hours of riding without a fender, but the hour spent cleaning it was well worth being able to test it out before Palm Springs.

-Team in Training has started just in time. My self-confidence has been a little "meh" lately and swim coaching is forcing me to "fake it until I make it." I'm hoping it quickly carries over to my other lives.

-If you read this blog, love to cycle and aren't dialed in with a team or club yet...I love the folks on Portland Velo. (Yes, I also love my own team, but for a newer rider, I would recommend starting less hard core than Team Tedder's weekend throw-downs.) I tagged along on their Sunday afternoon ride and really enjoyed the company. Quality people, hands down.

-Sadder news: My dear friend Ms. Moon will not be moving back to Portland anytime soon. The economy and the distance from her family took its toll on her and she's headed back to Canadia to spend some quality time with her family. I miss her in a big way.

-I'm fucking sick again. That makes two colds in four weeks. and four colds in four months. I'm pretty much over it and am wondering what it would take to move to Arizona for a month next winter.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for 10 days of, if not well-deserved, definitely well-needed, vacation time. Seven days in Palm Springs riding in the sunshine and, hopefully, some celebrity sightings at the Tour of California Prologue on February 14th. I will try not to hump Christian VandeVelde's leg if I see him again.

I am leaving the laptops at home, but will be writing notes and posting photos for those of you in Facebook Nation (Mikey....its time to come over to the dark side).

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Heidi Swift said...

I'm fucking bummed on the Mooney news :(
Ride hard down there, darlin'.