Wednesday, January 14, 2009

[The Sound of Air Leaking Out of a Balloon]

My short-lived experiment in on-line dating is officially over.

First, after posting a profile on Saturday, I have received exactly 0 interest. None. Zip. Nada. Maybe I'm too much of my no-bullshit self in the profile, maybe I have no idea how to write an effective profile, maybe I don't care enough, maybe my best pictures still aren't good enough. But my ego simply can't handle the wholesale on-line rejection of hundreds of local men. I get enough of that in real time.

Second, for reasons that will stay between me and my written journal, it is very apparent to me that I am nowhere near ready to date. Loneliness or no, I still am having too many moments of being a total mess.

Third, I already have a significant other that is taking up too much of my time. World, meet my boyfriend, Training. I've ridden over a 110 miles in the last 4 days, if I count the commuting and intervals on the trainer.

Yesterday alone, I did two strength workouts with Jeff and Beth, commuted six miles and did my weekly interval workout. Then went home to work until a bit after midnight. I slept three hours last night, woke up and drove to Wednesday class, walked in the gym, grabbed the helmet I'd left behind yesterday, turned around and went home and went back to bed. I'm physically and emotionally exhausted.

I'm expecting that there will be a tipping point where my body will acclimate to all of this, but right now I can't sleep enough and can't eat enough to keep up with the people that have been doing this for years. I'm leaving for Seattle in an hour or so for a work conference and a weekend with Sue and although I was initially dreading the time away from the bike, I now think the timing couldn't be better. I need to regroup, sleep in and spent some lazy time on a hotel elliptical trainer and lounging in coffee shops and bars.

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