Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sometimes the Horoscopes and Tabloids Make A Lot of Sense

From Free Will Astrology, my horoscope for the week ending today:

According to the imaginative reporters at the Weekly World News, the devil doesn't sit by passively as people beseech God for help and consolation. Using his own version of stealth technology, the evil one "intercepts or jams" up to one-third of all prayers on their way heavenward. Timid and fuzzy prayers are the easiest for him to block. Just in case there's a grain of truth in this claim, Gemini, take special measures when you send out appeals for assistance in the coming days. You need and deserve attention from higher powers, both the earthbound and divine kind. To ensure that the devil (or one of his surrogates) can't interfere, formulate your messages concisely and communicate them with crisp confidence.

So here we go:

To whatever is out there listening and pulling the strings on the grand scheme of things, I say to you:

Listen the Fuck Up.

I don't want the answers. But some help figuring out the lesson that I am suppose to learn from all of this would be greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I guess that would all depend on what he told you at your meeting and if he was completely honest or just kind and gentle and did not give you full disclosure. And look at how have you had three relationships in just over a year. Why did those end. Be honest and dig deep. Get a counsler.

Mel said...

Dear Anonymous:

Do you have 17 cats named Mother?

Just wondering if you're as creepy as you sound. That's all.

Anonymous said...

One cat, bad grammar. ignore if necessary.