Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is There a 12-step Program For Bike Addicts?

All of us have had moments on our life when we realize that we have changed, having not known that the change was taking place until the transformation was complete.

Over the of course the last year I have turned into a junkie cyclist. Not a simply a bike racer, cyclocrosser or commuter. A crazy addicted cyclist, through and through.

There were some noticeable symptoms:

-A bike collection that grows on an average of 1 bike per 8 months. Its at five at this point-- kona steel road bike, kona cross bike, steel singlespeed cross bike, carbon kuota TT bike and my newest baby-the pink specialized full suspension mountain bike. This winter will probably see the addition of a track bike and perhaps, if the price is right, a carbon race bike.

-The most expensive shoes I have ever owned are the carbon-soled road shoes I bought after losing feeling in my feet during the State Championship crit.

-After years of posturing that I would NEVER do a road race...I did two in one weekend.

-I religiously get up at 5:30AM to train and will ride through North Portland in the dark and in a monsoon to get to intervals, all in order to finish mid-pack in local bike races.

-I haven't been shopping for work clothes in months and haven't bought a pair of non-cycling shoes in over a year. However, my winter and rain gear collection is growing at a rate of 1.4 items per week.

-I make up excuses to ride my bike to work, even when taking the bus would be quicker and more practical.

-All of my friends are junkies. I fall sleep every night with a junkie.

Despite all of this, the Aha! moment took place only a week ago, as I was sitting at my desk looking out at a dreary drizzly Portland November afternoon. I looked first at the stack of work steadily piling up on my desk. Then at my happy orange Kona and my rain jacket, finally dry from my morning commute. And then thought, this would be a perfect time for a bike ride.

I rode up to the top of Mt. Tabor, did a few slow repeats and rode back to downtown. In the pouring rain. Smiling a crazy junkie smile the entire time.


Kristin said...

Amen, sistah.

(0v0) said...

My god. You have truly crossed over.

I cannot judge you.

That is really something about the 5:30 wake-up and going a year without non-cycling shoes.

I think your sport needs some religious texts and secret practices though?

Lindsay said...


Probably. I don't think Velonews counts as a religious text.