Friday, July 25, 2008

Hasta La Agusto, Baby

This will be my last post until the fourth of August. I have a full weekend of cycling and beer drinking planned, then am leaving bright and early Monday morning to visit EMILY!!!!!!! in Colorado Springs. I am so excited. One full day in CO Springs, then we'll head out to Lake City to meet my brother, sister-in-law and some of their crazy friends for a few days of camping and general debauchery. Last time I saw Chuck's friend Nolan, he was playing casino commando in the fake ferns in the Bellagio buffet after my brother's wedding and after consuming at least fourteen free champagne refills. (Or maybe it my brother-from-anutha-mutha Cody who had the 14 refills...I had about 12 myself and lost track of everyone else's consumption around number eight). It should be some good times. At some point, we're planning on hiking to the top of Uncompaghre Peak--If we can sober up long enough to get the hike organized.

There are a few topics that I've made a general rule to avoid on this blog: work (for ethical as well as practical reasons like keeping one's job) and romance (because what is put on the internet stays on the internet-no matter what anyone tells you otherwise). However, I'm going to break form just a tiny bit here to endorse something that I experienced for the first time yesterday. The bike date. As distinguished from a ride with an existing significant other or a group ride whereby someone with whom you are infatuated also happens to be along for the ride.

I had a bike date last night. If you're a cyclist, the advantages of this arrangement are obvious. For the uninitiated, here are the perks:

(1) It involves riding a bike.

(2) You get to hang out with someone that you find attractive and is probably wearing lycra. Nothing in a bike kit is left to the imagination, so you can check out what you're getting into ahead of time.

(3) You automatically have something to talk about (bikes, duh) and if you find out that you don't, in fact, want to talk to this person anymore, you can find a hill to ride, and use the resulting loss of breath to avoid further conversation.

(4) Cycling presents many opportunities where you can observe how your date deals with stressful situations. If you are on a bike date and are cut off by an idiot motorist, and your date responds by hauling the driver out of the car and beating his head on the curb, you'll immediately know that this is probably not someone you want to bring home for Thanksgiving.

(5) For guys, a perfect opportunity for a recovery ride and the opportunity to show off your manly climbing skills while your date good-naturedly huffs and puffs up that 3 percent grade behind you. For the ladies, a perfect opportunity to simultaneously (a) get in a good tempo ride and (b) revel in why god created lycra bike shorts.

Yesterday evening was a gorgeous one for a bike ride...mid 70s and no serious headwind. Would've been a great ride even without the date component, but that definitely heightened the experience. For the record-I can't recommend enough the experience of making out at a stoplight for an audience of exasperated soccer moms in Lincoln Navigators. Viva la bike!

Have a great week, friends!! I'll post again on the flip-side.

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