Monday, June 23, 2008

Training Philosophy? Train Hard. Have Fun.

Someone asked me other day to describe my training style. I thought about it for a bit, then responded, "I'm a self-coached, regimented pragmatist." "Huh?" was the response.

Self-Coached: I don't have a "training program" right now. Because I opted out of doing the half-ironman race with the athletes that I help coach, I was doing their spring workouts with them on Saturdays (less any run mileage over 10 miles), but wasn't following their complete program. This, in combination with various back and shoulder injuries, has forced me to develop my own weekly schedule. Fortunately, I am becoming a scholar in my various athletic endeavors and have a good handle what I need to do to be reasonably competitive and get in plenty of rest (although the latter is usually forced by circumstances related to work).

Regimented: I don't find it hard to make room for a workout everyday, and I love a consistent schedule (i.e., I'm a bit, but just a bit, of a control freak). Jeff's class twice a week, track and swim with TNT on Thursdays, TNT on Saturdays, Tri Club on Wednesdays. I'm a "regular."

Pragmatist: I'm a lawyer. One that is slowly losing absolute control over my daily schedule as I become more and more able to handle client matters and meetings on my own. Part of the pragmatism is flexibility. Thirty-five mile ride on a weekday night? Not if I have to be in BPA meetings for 8 straight hours, then need to spend 2 hours catching up on what has built up during the day. An hour on the trainer or a quick spin class will have to suffice.

Another part of my pragmatism is acknowledging that I had to find a new reason to get out there and be active. I am never going to win a race. I had my moment of glory in May 1995. That will have to do. Its all about having fun at this stage of my life. I have a goal to try one new activity every year. It's been a great experience that has opened my eyes and helped me let go of a lot of my fears, but I need to start picking activities that don't involve buying $400 of new gear.

The final part of my pragmatism had been trying to accept my body for what it is and focus instead on keeping it healthy and injury free. And making that junk in my trunk good for something other than keeping my seat warm.


(0v0) said...

very nice.

i think that if i boiled down my yoga practice philosophy, it would be pretty much the same.

The Bald One said...

Great Philosophy and this is why I think you are an amazing women. I have learned a lot from you. Thanks