Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Feliz Cumpleaños A Mí

Tomorrow I turn 31. In the spirit of surviving the first 365 days of my thirties, I plan on skipping out of work at lunch and seeing the Sex and the City movie, then heading out to Tabor to heckle the ladies doing the circuit race.

For your viewing entertainment, my mother has graciously dug up photographs of my first bikes:

Notice that I have already discovered the benefits of abandoning the traditional V bar set up for a more aero-dynamic position. This places minimal pressure on the part of the body covered with a diaper.

My first time trial. I was disqualified for leaving the start line too early. That's what you get for having your kid brother stabilize your back wheel. That dude is having a hard enough time keeping the diaper up. But check the stylin' horn/basket combination that I was rockin'.

And the coup de grace:

Matching pink fenders and shorts. And yellow jelly sandals. Don't need to say much more than that.


The Bald One said...

Too cool, Happy Birthday!!!! I bow to your jelly sandal.

(0v0) said...

Yes, jelly sandals.