Monday, July 16, 2007


This last weekend was the Seattle to Portland bike ride. In a move that I will later come to regret, I chose to ride the Hornet. Here is my STP photo diary.

This is where the Hornet started STP.

This is where it finished STP at mile 125 after my left knee became a fiery ball of searing pain:
Bad hornet.

The adventrue started out at 2PM on Friday. Joel drove the minivan and successfully got all of the bikes in the back of the van. The Hornet is quietly plotting my demise.

Here is Joel. We like him even though he wears a polka dotted hat everywhere. He was a good driver and even though it took us 2 hours to get through Olympia and Tacoma, he did not yell or swear at anyone. That is the reason that I was not allowed to drive the minivan. My favorite part of any vehicle is the horn.

Five hours after leaving Portland, we arrived in Seattle. After a meal of mediocre pasta and good beer, we settled in for the night at Sue's house.

By 6AM, we were ready to rock n' roll.

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What is the scoop, no blog the season is starting